Mar 092011
Phillies manager Charlie Manuel

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel

By Justin Adkins:

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said today that a contract extension could be coming soon.  Per, it’s going to be a two-year extension for around $4 million per season.

“We’re close, but it’s not official,” Manuel said. “We’re close. … In some ways, I’m kind of glad to have it over with. I want to stay focused on what we’re doing. I’ve never thought about doing anything else.”

This would be the last year of Charlie’s current contract, and while the new deal won’t cover a very long term, that doesn’t mean when it expires the Phils’ skipper will necessarily be ready to hang ’em up.

“I set the length of time on the deal because I’ll be 69 when the deal runs out,” said Manuel, who turned 67 in January. “I’ll sit down and kind of evaluate where I’m at. I’ll talk to them. We’ll see where they’re at. As long as I stay healthy and stuff like that I’m probably going to want to stay in the game. More than likely, I’m going to manage as long as I can. I’m not ready for somebody to say, ‘I’m going to retire Charlie.’ If I’m going to retire, I’m going to retire myself.”

Why it’s taken this long to come to an agreement is unknown.  The money isn’t ridiculous and it’s certainly not a years things.  It’s really much less than what a guy would normally get coming off a contract in which he won four division titles, made three straight NLCS appearances, two straight World Series appearances, and most importantly won the whole damn thing.

Whatever it was, this deal was overdue.  And with the constant turmoil recently surrounding Domonic Brown’s broken hand and Chase Utley’s gimpy knee, this is a little good news for everyone as we march towards April.

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