Sep 282011

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GDT 9/28 – Phils @ Braves

7:10 start.  Blanton (1-2, 5.03 ERA) v. Hudson (16-10, 3.23 ERA)  The Phillies are going for a franchise record win #102.  A win would also be Charlie Manuel’s #646, the most for any manager in Phillies history. He’s currently tied with Gene Mauch.

comprehending the awesomeness of Phillies home games

It is really hard. Walking around last night and taking it all in, I thought to myself that a Phillies home game is currently the premier baseball venue in the country. Hell, it’s become one of the premier sporting events period. Sold out every night; tailgating outside the Park, amazing energy in the Park. There is an unbridled enthusiasm of the fans almost all wearing their Philles’ colors, many with homemade signs expressing their love for the team or their favorite players. You got faces painters, body painters, and hair dyers. You have kids, families, teenagers, young adults, middle aged men and women, the elderly, and celebrities. It is an event every night. It is The Show. It is the Lakers Forum in the 80s, Lambeau in the mid90s, and Fenway in the mid 2000s, all wrapped up in one. It is quite simply THEE place to be.

SI regional cover


Sports Illustrated Phillies cover - Cliff Lee, Ryan Madson

Who should we want to play

I am really torn. I keep thinking the Dbacks, but the Braves not making the playoffs would be hilarious and I really don’t think the Cards can beat us. The Brewers are the one team I prefer not to play in a 5 game series.

Phils over DBacks in 4
Phils over Brewers in 6
Phils over Texas in 7

Joe Savery

Is just an amazing story. The guy sucked so bad as a pitcher that we switched him to a hitter. He was the offensive player of the month in April and now he’s showing that he has a good chance to make our team next year out of the pen. It’s probably a little late for him this year, although if we go with 11 pitchers it would not hurt to have another lhp in the pen. In a pinch he also gives you another lh bat off the bench.

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