Oct 032011
Phillies ace Cliff Lee

Cliff Lee blew the lead against the Cardinals Sunday night

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It was deja vu all over again as the Phillies followed up the Eagles ugly chokejob with one of their own.  People weren’t happy Sunday afternoon, and now after Sunday night it’s even worse.  Enter at your own risk.  Click the thread title to check out each one…

GDT Game 2 NLDS Cards (Carpenter) v Phils (Lee) ; 8:37pm Phils Lead Series 1-0

[Editor’s note: this is the full 90+ page Game 2 Gameday Thread.  It’s not pretty] The Phils send Cliff Lee to the hill tonight to try and give the Fightin’s a 2-0 series lead before heading to St. Louis.  Lee is 3-1 with a 1.48 ERA in four career starts versus St. Louis, the most recent a six-hitter in a 4-0 win at Busch Stadium on June 22. He went 8-1 with a 1.27 ERA in his last 11 outings this season.  Carpenter (11-9, 3.45) has also dominated opponents of late and was at his best when St. Louis needed him most Wednesday, helping the Cardinals clinch an improbable playoff berth in spectacular fashion. The right-hander, who went 3-0 with a 1.13 ERA over his last five starts, pitched his second shutout during that span and struck out a season-high 11 in an 8-0 victory at Houston.  Should be a pretty good match-up tonight. The bats better come out early! Hopefully they can build on the offense that broke out last night. Looking for Chase to continue his success vs. Carpenter.

Remaining NLDS Schedule

Game 3: Tuesday, October 4th at 5:07pm EDT
Game 4: Wednesday, October 5th at 6:07pm EDT (if necessary)
Game 5: Friday, October 7th at 8:37pm EDT (if necessary)  


Roy and Cliff really have been disapointing.  Halladay spotting 3 runs in the first.  Lee looking like a 25 million dollar pile of dog shit last night.  Disapointing.  The offense has done enough to win so far.

That strike three call on Utley

Worst since Eric Gregg’s gift to the Marlins?

Vic Deserves Some Blame

I know Vic is not the “smartest” ballplayer, but he played a big part in the loss. First going up there and swinging first pitch when you know Carpenter is having control issues was stupid. Add to that the route he ran on Craig’s double was just brutal. Was the wind blowing the ball, because that was one of the worst defensive plays I have ever seen him make. Not saying they would have won, but if he makes that catch, they’re still tied.

So why didn’t last night’s crowd Hooton the Cards’ relievers?

Don’t get me wrong. That loss was on Lee — a fact he acknowledged. The offense going to sleep didn’t help either.  But the crowd in attendance had plenty of opportunities to rattle the Cardinals’ mediocre relievers.  This is Philadelphia, the town that put so much pressure on Dodgers’ starting pitcher Burt Hooton in the 1977 NLCS that he issued three consecutive bases loaded walks.  Jimmy was speaking the truth. What the hell has happened to us?

Cardinals fans smack talk threads

[Editor’s note: this thread was started by a Cardinals fan bumpkin, and it includes many other merged thread from other like-minded bumpkins] no say how many runs albert and his friends are gonna put up on roy. we got some veteren sluggers that might knock out mr roy by inning 2 and then game 2 with carp on the mound u can pencil in that victory cuz once again albert is gonna say jump on my back and then jaime ‘phillies kryptinite’ garcia to close out this series in the lou on tuesday. it was a good season phils and stl loves you for gettin us in but step aside the dirty birdies are going to add on to that high WS champions number as were gettin 11 this year. DWI!!!!!!!! Deal wit it

NLDS – GDT Phils at Cards (Game 3) Hamels vs Garcia

Go Phils! I want to see another shutout from Hamels! Lineups as soon as they are posted.

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