Jul 072010

by Justin Adkins

Today on 610 WIP, Howard Eskin claimed that a source from another Major League team told him the Phillies and Red Sox are in pursuit of Dan Uggla, the Marlins all hit, no field second baseman.  Like the Phillies, the Red Sox lost their MVP caliber second baseman, Dustin Pedroia, to injury.

The question for the Phillies is, do they have the prospects it would take to pry the All Star infielder from the Marlins, and if so, are the Phillies both willing to give them up as well as pay the remaining portion of Uggla’s $7.8 million 2010 salary?

And what do they do with Uggla when Utley returns?  That’s a fairly expensive bench bat come September.  Uggla can’t play third, as his defense at second is bad enough, so he’s strictly a pinch hitter down the stretch. 

His bat would be nice coming off the bench, but it’s unlikely the Phillies commit that type of money for a part timer, even one that wouldn’t strictly be a rental, since Uggla has one more year of arbitration remaining.

For 2010, Uggla is hitting .278 with 16 homers, 49 RBI’s, and has an OPS of .847.  For his career, he’s at .260, 137, 409, .829.  The price is high, but that’s bang for the buck.

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