Jan 062011
Phillies RHP Kyle Kendrick

Phillies RHP Kyle Kendrick

By Justin Adkins:

The Phillies currently have two players eligible for salary arbitration — right-handed starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick and reserve outfielder Ben Francisco.

Yesterday was the start of the arbitration filing process, with February 15 being the deadline. 

Once a player files, the next important date is January 18, when players and teams submit salary figure proposals.  Neither side will see the proposed numbers; instead, a three-person panel is presented with both and the group decides which is more appropriate – the likely-higher player proposal or lower team proposal.  There is no middle ground or negotiation of any kind once the process gets to this point.

Hearings are held beginning February 1 and will run through February 21.

In general, the Phillies have been fairly successful with coming to terms with players before the official process starts.  Probably the most prominent exception is Ryan Howard’s huge victory in February 2008, when he was awarded $10 million, a record amount for a player with Howard’s service time. 

Kendrick and Francisco won’t make that combined, even if both win.  In 2010, Kendrick made $480,000, Francisco $470,000.  Obviously neither are Ryan Howard-caliber players, though both can expect some type of raise.

The Phillies can negotiate with each player up until the submission date, and it’s very possible both will be taken care of, with the arbitration process avoided altogether.

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