Nov 242010
Phillies free agent RF Jayson Werth

Phillies free agent RF Jayson Werth

November 24 Philadelphia Inquirer:

“It was a no-brainer for the Phillies to offer Jayson Werth arbitration on Tuesday. The decision on Chad Durbin left room for debate, but the team decided against risking a raise it was uncomfortable paying to the righthanded reliever.

The decisions don’t affect the Phillies’ ability to negotiate with the two free agents. What it means is they will receive compensation if Werth, a Type A free agent, signs elsewhere; and no compensation if Durbin leaves.

The arbitration offer to Werth was expected – it’s a win-win for the Phillies. The rightfielder, who wants a multiyear deal, likely will decline the one-year arbitration option by Nov. 30 unless the market for the Scott Boras client collapses in the next week. That’s unlikely.

Even if the improbable happens and Werth accepts, the Phillies would be more than glad to negotiate a one-year deal.

The likely scenario is this: If Werth declines the arbitration and is signed by another team, the Phillies will receive two draft picks – a first- or second-round selection plus a compensatory pick.

Regarding Durbin, the Phillies clearly are not interested in agreeing to a significant raise to the $2.125 million salary the righthanded reliever made this season. They remain in talks with Durbin and his agent, but had they offered arbitration, Durbin could have made more than the Phillies wanted to pay him.”

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