Dec 172011
Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins

Jimmy Rollins is back with the Phillies

The staredown between Jimmy Rollins and the Phillies is finally over, and Rollins blinked. 

The Phillies officially re-signed Rollins to a team-friendly 3-year contract that includes a vesting option for a fourth year, per various Twitter reports and confirmations. 

The contract is reportedly worth $33 million over three years and the fourth year option is termed “easily attainable”.  Though the exact requirements aren’t yet known, it’s being reported the option is likely linked to plate appearances and innings played.  It’s also being said that the fourth year is worth $11 million so the deal will likely end up being four years, $44 million. 

It’s a fair contract for both sides, both money and years.  Rollins had been demanding a five year deal and after testing the market realized that no team was crazy enough to commit that much time to a 33 year-old shortstop whose best days are behind him.

And with the signing the Phillies offseason should be pretty much over.  They may still add a bullpen arm but another bat coming in is probably wishful thinking, especially now that a prime target, Michael Cuddyer, has signed with the Colorado Rockies.  The Phillies current payroll is at $137.5 million with all starting positions filled but with arbitration still pending for Cole Hamels, Hunter Pence, Kyle Kendrick, and Wilson Valdez, . 

Here’s how their lineup should stack up once Ryan Howard is healthy:

1.  Jimmy Rollins, SS
2.  Placido Polanco, 3B
3.  Chase Utley, 2B
4.  Ryan Howard, 1B
5.  Hunter Pence, RF
6.  Shane Victorino, CF
7.  John Mayberry/Laynce Nix, LF
8.  Carlos Ruiz, C

That’s a good not great group, and it won’t actually be the real lineup on opening day since it’s very, very unlikely Ryan Howard is able to play earlier than some time in the summer. 

But with a rotation featuring Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hamels, and with the sting of last year’s chokejob fresh in everyone’s mind and providing real motivation, it’s a good enough collection to win a World Series.  It better be.

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