Jul 022010

July 2 Philadelphia Inquirer

“As if the injury news concerning Chase Utley and Placido Polanco weren’t troubling enough for the Phillies, their injured catcher Carlos Ruiz is not ready to proceed on a rehab assignment this weekend as originally planned.

Ruiz met with renowned concussion specialist Michael Collins at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for Sports Concussions. Collins was one of the founders of the Impact test, which is now administered to athletes in every sport to determine how severe concussion symptoms are.

Collins’ testing showed Ruiz is still experiencing some symptoms from the concussion he suffered June 18 when a broken bat struck him in the head.

“He’s progressing very well, but there are some things that are still concerning on his test,” Phillies head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan said. “So while we’re here, we’re going to do some things with him. We’ll do some exercises and things to challenge Chooch.”

Sheridan said the team would play it cautious with Ruiz, who had one previous concussion while in the minors.

“Our goal here is to put him back when he’s ready,” Sheridan said. “Worst-case scenario is you take a player that has a concussion and he comes back too early. It’s not like he’s a position player. You know it just as well as I do – the first day he goes behind the plate, the first pitch is going to be a foul ball right off the mask.””

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