Jun 092011

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Older, Wiser Hamels Prevails

June 9 Camden Courier-Post:

There was a young left-hander who came up through the Phillies’ farm system, arrived amid great promise, hinted at a brilliant future and won some of the most important games in the franchise’s history all before he turned 25.  Cole Hamels remembers those years, but he doesn’t recognize the man who used to wear his uniform. It was two years ago, but it was a different lifetime.

Brown’s Outfield Throw Saves Game For Phillies

June 9 CSN Philly:

It’s often a cliché to describe a certain series events as something that “won’t appear in the box score.” After all, with the advent of advanced metrics and the stats explosion in sports, there’s usually a number slapped aside every little thing that happens in a ballgame.  But in the seventh inning of the Phillies’ 2-0 victory over the Dodgers at the Bank, it may have been one of those cliché plays that helped save the game.

Amaro On Trades: ‘You Will Not See A Major Move’

June 9 CSN Philly:

While Phillies manager Charlie Manuel simmers with frustration over his team’s weak offense, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. remains cool and composed.  “Would I love to see this team perform at a higher level? Yes,” Amaro said before Wednesday night’s game against the Dodgers. “And I still believe they will.”  Why?  “Because they can hit,” he said. “They can do things.”

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