Sep 132011
Phillies starter Roy Oswalt

The Astros spoiled Roy Oswalt's Houston homecoming

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Myers, Astros outplay Oswalt, sloppy Phillies

September 13 CSN Philly 

The Phillies suffered a 5-1 loss to the Houston Astros on Monday night.  We know what you’re thinking:  How in the name of Braulio Castillo can the best team in the majors get beaten so soundly by the worst team in the majors?  Easy when you consider all this:  The Phillies played poor defense behind Roy Oswalt and that contributed to two runs in the fourth inning.

Pence, Oswalt share a bittersweet return to Houston

September 13 Houston Chronicle 

For two players who took the same positions in a ballpark where they’d played for the home team so many times before, almost everything was different.  Even forgetting the literal — that Hunter Pence and Roy Oswalt had very different walks to the unfamiliar visitors’ clubhouse at Minute Maid Park and wore a brighter shade of red — their circumstances were totally different than when they left Houston in twin July purges.

Phillies should put Oswalt, not Worley, in bullpen

September 13

THE conventional thinking goes like this: Roy Oswalt should be your fourth starter come postseason because he’s a veteran, has pitched successfully in October, seems to be getting stronger as the season winds down. Roy is your man because he’s more trustworthy than any rookie, even one as good as Vance Worley.  I don’t disagree with the reasons. It’s the conclusion that I contest. Worley should be your fourth starter come playoff time for all those reasons, and let’s add one more: Oswalt has come out of the bullpen in the postseason. Worley has not.