Jul 012010

July 1 Philadelphia Daily News

“The long-term prognoses for injured infielders Chase Utley (sprained thumb) and Placido Polanco (elbow soreness) remain uncertain, for the time being.

Utley met with Philadelphia-based hand specialist Dr. Randall Culp yesterday, but the Phillies say they will not have any further information until he receives another opinion today from hand specialist Dr. Andrew Weiland in New York. Same goes for Polanco, who saw orthopedist Dr. Steven Cohen in Philadelphia yesterday and will get another opinion today from Dr. David Altcheck in New York.

The Phillies are calling Utley’s injury, suffered while sliding headfirst into second base on Monday night at Cincinnati, a sprain, although they have not provided any hint as to how severe it could be. A high-grade sprain could require surgery, which in the past has sidelined position players for anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks.

Polanco’s future is also unclear. As recently as Monday, the Phillies were hoping that he would be back on the field this week. But a second cortisone shot into his sore elbow – which contains a pre-existing bone-chip spur that might have been aggravated when he was hit with a pitch in Atlanta in late April – did not provide the desired effect. Like Utley, the Phillies are waiting for today’s evaluation before providing even a rough timetable for either player.

Both players have been placed on the 15-day disabled list.”

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