Feb 062012

Philadelphia Phillies logoIt was billed as a “huge announcement” from WIP, and while it’s not quite the hype the Eagles built up before announcing that fan pics would be on season tickets (lamest blue ball trick in recent memory), it’s up there.

Phillies President David Montgomery went on with Anthony Gargano and Glen MacNow to announce that the Phillies will now be broadcasting games on SportsRadio 94WIP FM.

It’s really just a logical jump.  The Phils could already be heard in a limited capacity on 610 WIP AM as well as on their sister station 1210 AM (which will continue to broadcast the games as well).  So now that WIP moved up in the world it makes sense to bring the Phils with them.

That said, it really will be pretty cool to hear the Phillies in FM when you have to be away from your HD.  And the juice that will come with the Phillies on FM will help WIP continue to pull away from 97.5 The Fanatic in the sports radio on FM war.

WIP will now have an on-site studio at Citizens Bank Park, with Gargano and Macnow planning to broadcast from the ballpark on most game days, which will include on field activities like interviews and such pre-game.

The first Phillies broadcast on 94WIP FM will be a spring training game on March 3 against the Yankees. 

The one drawback is that it means less Rob Ellis on the air for half the year.  Hopefully he can pick up more day shifts and WIP can use their usual gaggle of part-time jabronies to kill time before and after games.

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