Jul 202011
Phillies RF Domonic Brown

Domonic Brown is not getting traded for Carlos Beltran

The hot trade rumor du jour has the Phillies aggressively pursuing the Mets’ Carlos Beltran.  It’s a solid rumor because it makes sense: the Phillies need a bat, the Mets are a joke and out of the race, and Beltran is in the last year of his contract. 

But now, Jon Heyman has decided to up the trade rumor ante, speculating that not only are the Phillies going after Beltran, but they are willing to trade prized prospect Domonic Brown for him.

It’s one of the most laughably dumb ideas ideas put out there by a “name” media person in a while.  It’s one thing for Heyman, a New York guy, to be in the Mets pocket and (hypothetically) be willing to float rumors in order to drive price, but when you put something out there so outrageous you really need to wonder just what goes on behind the scenes between teams and the media. 

Because make no mistake, there is no way the Phillies are trading a player of Brown’s caliber for a 34 year-old rental.  None.  Ruben Amaro Jr. has already used up his terrible trade quotient for the decade when he moved Cliff Lee for slop.  To one-up, no ten-up that mistake by unloading Brown for Beltran now would make him look like a bigger bumpkin than Ed Wade.

So the Mets may ask for Brown but they’re not getting him.  It’s likely they would target one or more of the Phillies young pitching prospects, such as Jarred Cosart or Trevor May.  The Phillies obviously have a pretty solid rotation now and for the foreseeable future so moving an arm prospect should be doable, especially as they really need to win now during this next 3-4 year window.

Now, Brown could be considered trade bait if the Phillies really get crazy and target Rockies ace Ubaldo Jimenez, which really would be ridiculous.  Of course, thinking the Phillies would enter the season with the Four Horsemen was beyond ridiculous as well.  It would be amazing to consider adding yet another ace, and yes pitching wins, but the Phillies desperately need offense to balance things out and moving your best young offensive player makes zero sense.

So the Phillies may eventually land Beltran, but Domonic Brown will not be a Mutt.

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