Sep 282010
Phillies 3B Placido Polanco

Phillies 3B Placido Polanco

September 28 Philadelphia Inquirer:

“The two players on the left side of Charlie Manuel’s regular infield couldn’t be in different circumstances. One needs rest; the other at-bats.

There is Placido Polanco, the third baseman who stands to be the Phillie that would benefit most from a few days off before the postseason begins. He has bone spurs in his left elbow that have caused considerable pain nearly the entire season.

Then there is Jimmy Rollins, who sat out again Monday, and has one at-bat in the team’s last 16 games. Rollins‘ strained right hamstring is healthy, but with the wet weather Monday night, Manuel chose to keep Rollins on the bench.

“What do I gain by playing him?” Manuel asked before the game.

Not much Monday, but the manager admitted Rollins must play as much as possible in the team’s final five games.

“It’s very important for him to get back on the field and play some,” Manuel said.

Rollins will not bat leadoff right away, Manuel said, but he could put the shortstop up there in the final few games of the season just so he has as many at-bats as possible. Manuel said he was also concerned with his timing in the field.

Polanco has done some thinking ahead to a possible few days off. He wants a third cortisone injection in his left arm before the playoffs begin. To do that, he probably needs three days of rest.

“I think it would be a good idea,” Polanco said.

But Polanco said he hasn’t discussed a possible timetable for the injection with the team’s athletic trainers. He may now that the Phillies have clinched the division.

Polanco was hitting .325 on Aug. 17. Since then, he is batting .219 with seven extra-base hits in 38 games. Polanco went 3 for 4 and drove in a run on Monday.

“I think it hurts him at times,” Manuel said. “Some days it’s better than others. He is one guy once we get this out of the way I want to give a break.”

Manuel said he has yet to discuss how he would rest his regular players and pitchers with his coaching staff. ”

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