Sep 272011

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GDT 9/27 – Phils @ Braves

7:10 start. Oswalt (8-10, 3.86 ERA) v. Lowe (9-16, 4.92 ERA)

The Phils are going for win #101, which I believe would tie Charlie with Gene Mauch for most wins all time by a Phillies manager.

Who should we want to play

I am really torn. I keep thinking the Dbacks, but the Braves not making the playoffs would be hilarious and I really don’t think the Cards can beat us. The Brewers are the one team I prefer not to play in a 5 game series.

MLB Awards, who do you have so far?

Mvp: Bautista
Cy Young: Verlander
ROY: Hellickson

Cy Young: Kershaw
ROY: Freeman

Had a really, really hard time w/ NL MVP. I was back and forth with Kemp and Votto, but I think Votto has been excellent this year, again, but I do not think he will win. I think Upton will win the MVP this year. Besides the NL Cy young, i think the rest were easy choices for me.

Manager Ozzie Guillen traded to the Marlins

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Ozzie Guillen is managing his final game with the White Sox on Monday night and is expected to be traded to the Marlins.

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lol braves

if they end up losing the deathgrip they had on the wildcard and miss the playoffs, good lawdy, that would be satisfying. i cant remember who does it, but whoever it is that always posts the shit from the braves boards, please indulge us with some nuggets of meltdown from their board.


Alright, everybody is bitching about him so I figured he deserves his own thread. Personally, I think Jimmy has been a beast for this team and has to hit his way out of his funk. I still feel more confident with him in a big spot than most of the guys in the lineup. He still has that short stroke that can make magic happen, he just seems a little off balance. You don’t get out of a slump by sitting, you do it by hitting and Jimmy has earned the chance to work out of this. This isn’t some fucking chump here, it’s the guy who told the world about this team and then backed that shit up.

GDT for Non-Phillies Games

Marlins are at home vs LAD for 3 and at CIN for 3
Braves are at SD for 3, and home vs STL for 3

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