Mar 262012
Phillies RF Domonic Brown

Looks like another year on the farm for Dom Brown

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Thread: GDT 3/26: Phils/Red Sox
Thread: GDT 3/25. Utley is not retiring and not having surgery. Phils v. Tigers and O’s
Thread: 3/24 gdt. Phils v. Red Sox

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Thread: Dom Brown optioned to minor league camp

per wip. not unexpected, still annoying. 2 years of nix.

Thread: This can’t be good: Chase Utley to address media on Sunday

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb – The Phillies say Chase Utley will address reporters Sunday. That is all.

Thread: The most talked about rumored deal – yea or nay

the one that the local media is talking about most is Dom Brown, Vance Worley, and possibly another prospect for David Wright.  Thoughts?

Thread: One more Title … Just One More World Series Title .. That’s All I Ask.
Last season, I waited six months untill the playoffs started and the playoffs were over for the Phillies almost before they began. We all know the lousy sinking feeling after that first round early exit at the hands of the Cardinals because we all knew our Phils were going to the playoffs (at least most of us knew) on opening day and from that point on, we patiently waited for the postseason.This era of Phillies baseball, the greatest era in the team’s history is getting long in the tooth and it is almost run it’s course. It’s bound to happen my friends. Our core players are getting older and Utley is done with two chronic kess, he’ll never be the same player he once was if he does continue and we know that also.  One more WS crown will finish this era with a great deal of pride and satisfaction on the part of everyone concerned.  Can we do it one more time?
Thread: 2nd lh reliever

Savery and Diekman have both been excellent. I assume we are going to keep 2, but whcih one ? Savery looks good and is a great story, but Diekman has been great and his stuff is electric.

Thread: Pro athletes, injuries, and disclosure to the public

POLL:  Wondering what everyone’s opinions of the requirement, or lack there of, for professional athletes to disclose information pertaining to their injuries to the public.

Thread: Tommy John for Madson

Feel terrible bad for him…he went out of his way to make my son’s (and mine) last year in Seattle. We absolutely do not win in ’08 w/o Mad Dog.

Thread: Phillies Spring Training Thread

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Thread: 2012 MLB Offseason Transactions (The Hot Stove Thread)

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Thread: 2012 Countdown to Opening Day Thread

Annual tradition.

Thread: 2012 Phillies Minor League Thread

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