Oct 152011
Ryan Howard Phillies

Ryan Howard is dominating the PSC discussion

The long, torturous offseason continues.  It already feels like forever and its only just begun. 

While the Cardinals and Brewers battle it out in the NLCS the Phillies are left to answer many, many questions about the immediate and long term future of an increibly talented yet underachieving ball club on the brink of major changes.

Here’s a sampling of recent/active threads from the PSC Phillies message board, along with the first post of each.  Click the thread title to check out each one:

Thread: Grade The 2011 Phillies: Carlos Ruiz

[Poll] How would you grade Carlos Ruiz’ 2011 season, regular and post?

Thread: Grade The 2011 Phillies: Roy Halladay

[Poll] How would you grade Roy Halladay’s 2011 season, regular and post?

Thread: If you could cut Ryan Howard today

[Poll] and get out of his contract and all $125 million owed him. Would you?

Thread: figured out how/where they can trade Howard…

Astros move to AL. they need a DH. we trade them Howard, they pay the whole contract, give us their best player and $50 mil in cash. done. deal.

Thread: Hey Everyone Re: Howard

This is the thread to tell me I was right about him.  Thanks.

Thread: J-Roll’s press conference live on CSN. UPDATE: And Amaro Jr press conference

This feels a little surreal.

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