Oct 222011
Mets free agent shortstop Jose Reyes

Could Mets free agent shortstop Jose Reyes be a Phillies target?

It’s all Jose Reyes, all the time right now on PSC.  Love him or hate him, Reyes is certainly an intriguing candidate to replace free agent shortstop Jimmy Rollins.

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Thread: Jose Reyes

gotta push after him 100 %

Thread: Phillies going to make a run for Reyes?

According to this guy (from MetsBlog) they will, no idea who this guy is though so who knows.

Thread: Would you sign Reyes

if it meant going with one of the young guys as a closer, Polanco would remain at 3b and Mayberry is your starting lf ?

Thread: reyes to the phillies – thoughts?

[Poll] been discussed all over here…what are your thoughts on if you want them to make the splash or not, and the chances of it happening?

Thread: It’s time we went younger and cheaper in the pen


you can add a cheaper vet and one more young guy or two cheap vets.  Spend that money saved on the offense.

Thread: 2011 Phillies Minor League Thread

[Editor’s note: this is PSC’s 200+ page Phillies Minor Leagues discussion thread]

Thread: How come there are no championship series threads?

[Editor’s note: for anyone who actually gives a crap about the MLB postseason/World Series]

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