Oct 082011

Phillies Cardinals 2011 Divisional Series PlayoffsI vented on the Phillies crushing NLDS loss earlier, and now here’s a sampling of the venting on the PSC Phillies message board.

Click the title to check out each thread.  Read at your own risk as it’s not very pleasant and many, many bad words have been raining like Hurricane Irene Part 2.

Thread: Game 5 GDT – Halladay vs. Carpenter: Do or Die in a Fire

[Editor’s note: this is the 119+ page Game 5 Gameday Thread.  It’s so ugly even Rosie O’Donnell could mock it.]

Thread: Rant Thread – Post your sorrows away..

1. Take a pitch here and there… wtf… especially with 2-0 counts, and howard’s 3-0 count. 2. Cliff Lee – You should of locked that game down. 3. Placido – should of said “Hey Cholly, Im hurt, let Martinez play for me”. 4. Howard – How about creeping in 4 more inches towards the plate next year. 5. Raul – hmm, surprisingly, he didn’t irritate me as much this series. 6. Chooch – His postseason magic had to stop sometime. 7. Greg Gross is fired. 8. Resign Jimmy for 4 years for 52 mil. 9. Jamie Moyer!

Thread: This Was One Of The All Time Worse Collapses In Philadelphia Sports History.

The 64 Phillies collapse. The darkest day in Eagles history – the NFC title game at home against Tampa Bay. The Flyers four game sweep at the hands of Detroit in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Sixers front office dismantling a contending team while it was on it’s regular season, down the stretch run. You name them, it’s right down there with all of them. Goats – the core of veterans on this team. These guys have become fat, content, lazy, and very, very rich in their baseball middle ages. No clutch veteran leadership when it was needed the most – none – nada. An eight game losing streak at the end of the regular season carrying into the post season and 0 momentum. Cliff Lee, a Philadelphia sports hero who carried this team into the 09 world series blowing game 2. Ryan Howard with his disappearing bat which has become an annual post season event. Losing a deciding game, 1-0 at home. Inexcusable by not at least scratching home one stinking run to get the thing into extra innings where the home team is always a heavy favorite to win. Heroes – Doc and the fans. I watched the hope in their faces right up to the final out.

Thread: Howard injured his achilles and had to be carried off the field

I pray that he’s ok

Thread: I think the run of “dominance” is over unless significant changes are made.

Sure the Phillies can make the playoffs next season but a lot of teams are getting better including the Cardinals who will have Wainwright back next year. This offense just isn’t going to get it done anymore and they have to make major changes and possibly eat some contracts or pay the luxury tax. This team with a minor tweak isn’t good enough to bring another parade to Philly IMO. Sometimes you need to make moves when things get stale to stay on top. Staying the course IMO continues the downward trend. Now whether they have the ability make changes is a totally different question.  At least two major pieces from the starting 8 needs to go. Specifically a guy like Polanco. They need to just suck up that 8 million and send him packing. He’s too injury prone and can’t be relied on. Just venting… I’m pissed

Thread: Changes, maybe BIG changes are needed!

As ridiculous as that sounds after a 102 win season and with this lineup….. It’s unacceptable to have this team lose for the second year in a row because they cannot HIT!!!!!!  They are a joke! Chokers! This team cannot just spend money on pitching and then expect to cruise! That might work over the course of a 162 game season, but not in a 5 game series. We’ve seen it the last two years!!!!  I don’t care if Howard ever steps to the plate in a Phils uni again at this point. Polanco should be ashamed. And if you think that Mayberry Jr and Brown are the answers, think again!!!!  A putrid stench in my nose as I now WILL BE watching reruns of All in the Family instead of the World Series AGAIN this year!!

Thread: Worse than the loss to Tampa at the Vet.

Most disappointing loss in this city’s sports history as far as I’m concerned. I’m about to fucking cry.

Thread: Cliff Lee

Boom this!

Thread: How many of you would fire Charlie?

Seems to be similar to the situation in Boston. Team seems to be stuck in limbo now. They all love and adore him as do most people. Is this the shock move that needs to be done or is it too insane?

Thread: since the night they clinched !

blame it all on the last 2 weeks of the season. they played like losers for two weeks not giving a fuck if they won or lost .played to not get hurt or rested some guys not caring if they won or lost.that was the additude that they showed i said it then that was going to get them in the end.losing is excepted in those games till it got out of hand. that is the differance in some coaches/managers some dont give a fuck if ya win preseason games ,while others try to win every game reguardless if its meaningless or not!

Thread: Will anyone watch the rest of the postseason?

I’ll watch sparingly but no chance I sit down and watch a whole game. A big LOL to Fox as their ratings are going to hit the shitter in the WS.

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