Apr 132012
Phillies LHP Cliff Lee vs the Mets

Cliff Lee wasn't good enough Friday vs the Mets

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Thread: GDT phils mess friday the 13th let’s go killas!

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s Phillies-Mets Gameday Thread for play by play reaction and recap of Friday’s game.]

Thread: So no hit Freddy

is a better hitter than our peanut head looking 3b.

Thread: Dom watch 2012

giving him his own thread, please provide updates if you have the means to.

Thread: Phillies sign Fontenot

minor league deal

Thread: Burrell…

signing a one day contract to retire as a phillie. ceremony on May 19th honoring him

Thread: DH vs No DH

How many advantages (if any) do the AL teams have with being able to utilize the DH.

-Offense is better?
-Offseason acquisitions (i.e. Fielder & Pujols)

Flip side, how many disadvantages does it have?

-Inflating market for declining players?

Thread: 2012 Phillies Magic Number Thread

[Editor’s note: PSC’s way too early Phillies playoffs magic number countdown thread.]

Thread: 2012 MLB Rumors, Trades and Signings (No Bowkers Allowed)

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s rolling MLB inseason transactions, news, rumors, and discussion thread.]

Thread: Springsteen playing at CBP on 9/2

I expect season ticket holders will get first crack at tickets.  #perksformisterhave

Thread: 2012 Phillies Minor League Thread

[Editor’s note: PSC’s annual rolling Phillies minor league thread, updated daily in-season with news, info, game notes, and more, including the work of PSC’s own Scott Grauer.]

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