Nov 022011
Phillies 3B Placido Polanco

Placido Polanco: 2011 Gold Glove winner

As MLB Free Agency gets set to open, the Phillies are in an intersting position as a championship caliber team facing a fair amount of turmoil and change.

Will Jimmy Rollins be back?  Ryan Madson?  If not, who’s the closer?  What happens at first if Ryan Howard misses the start of the season with his Achilles injury?  Is Domonic Brown ready to get real playing time in left field?  Is John Mayberry good enough to play every day? 

Also, congrats to Placido Polanco on winning the Gold Glove, an award that no longer carries any meaning or prestige (with many thanks to the wall-fearing former Phillie Bobby Abreu).

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if anybody cares.

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is the Nats. They have the money and are dying to spend it. Will they spend it wisely is the question. I think they sign Prince, a top reliever and maybe more. They are probably one more year away from being a real threat.

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