Oct 122011
Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr speaks at his press conference

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr speaks at his press conference

Over the past couple days, free agent short stop Jimmy Rollins, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr, and manager Charlie Manuel have all held individual press conferences.  Each is a unique window into the thought processes of some very important people that will greatly influence the future direction of the Phillies.

The team has also just hired a new Director of Player Development in Joe Jordan, who will replace the possibly fired, possibly quit Chuck Lamar.   This is more change to an organization that needs to right itself after another crushing postseason exit.

And of course, there’s Ryan Howard.  Whether it’s his latest injury, his declining yet still great production, his overall value to the team or even his trade value to other teams, the Big Piece is always a hot topic.

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This feels a little surreal.

Thread: Charlie PC

highlights via http://www.phillyburbs.com/sports/ph…9bb30f31a.html

On hitters making adjustments — “I’m definitely on board with what Ruben (Amaro) says. Basically, he would like to see us grind out more at-bats and learn how to work a count better and have plate discipline. All those things he’s talking about, I teach that. So does (Greg Gross). It’s just a matter of reminding guys. We’ll have meetings about that during spring training. We’ve got to get better at that. I think we can get all of our guys involved… When you make adjustments, pitchers make adjustments. If you’re afraid to go deep in the count and hit with two strikes, you’re going to get anxious. You’ll be aggressive, and you’ll chase bad balls… I remember from 2008 and 2009. I remember everything that happened. I remember how (the players) talked about hitting – how they loved to hit. They kind of supported one another. If the talent’s there we can get it out. I take a lot of pride in hitting. I get upset when we don’t hit as good as I know we can hit. I know how good of a hitting coach I am. We will get better.”

Are players listening? — “Without a doubt I know they listen to me. Everyone one of them? Probably not somebody who’s upset with me for not playing or something.”

On the 2011 season being viewed as a failure — “I think when we added Hunter Pence it improved our team. It was a big lift for us. Our expectation was that we wanted to go to the World Series and win. We did not fulfill that goal. We got to the first round of the playoffs and we got beat. We didn’t play good enough to win that series.”

On John Mayberry Jr. — “I think John Mayberry is going to get a chance to be a regular player. I think he will get to play more this coming season than he did this year. When I talked to John Mayberry at this time last year, John knew exactly where he was at. Ruben and I felt it was time to take a look at him to see if he could play in the big leagues. He will get every chance in the world to become a regular player.”

On getting veteran regulars more rest — “That game you sacrifice in June might arise in September. You might look back and say we needed some of those wins in June. I’m a best-lineup guy. Most managers are that way. I think I’m a best lineup guy for whoever’s pitching that day. That win the first of April is just as important as that win at the end of September.”

On improving the bench — “We carried Michael Martinez and Wilson Valdez – the same kind of player. The reason we did that was the health problems of Chase and Polanco and the fact Jimmy in the last couple of years had missed time with injuries. Ross Gload was our left-handed hitter off the bench. Any way that we can possibly improve our team, I’ll talk to Ruben about it. I talked to Ruben the other day and I came out of the meeting very positive about it. The bench is one of those positions we talked about. When we can do something and we can get better I think we’ll do that.”

On Chase Utley — “Utley used to be a .300 hitter. He’s had injury problems. If he gets back to where he was he can be a .300 hitter. And I still think he can hit 25-30 home runs if he’s healthy.”

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mlbtraderumors MLB Trade Rumors – Phillies hire Joe Jordan, former Orioles scouting director, as director of player development. @keithlaw What can you tell me about Joe Jordan? keithlaw — Big fan. Good evaluator. Good fit with Phillies’ emphasis on upside guys.

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Astros move to AL. they need a DH. we trade them Howard, they pay the whole contract, give us their best player and $50 mil in cash. done. deal.

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