Feb 012012
New Phillies reliever Chad Qualls

New Phillies reliever Chad Qualls

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Thread: Phillies signed Chad Qualls


Thread: Hunter Pence on the Offense

“We have the capability to be a powerhouse.”  Welp, I’m sold.

Thread: How long until Pence is traded? UPDATE: Signs 1-year, $10.4 million deal for 2012

[Editor’s note: Hunter Pence discussion, updated with one-year contract info, avoiding arbitration.]

Thread: Pat the Bat coming home?

Amaro said the Phillies are heavily considering signing Pat to a 1 day contract to bring him home and let him retire as a Phillie.

Thread: Philly Sports Villains

anyone see this on csn last night? I saw a minute or two but I don’t think it was the real list. it was just bob ford and jody mac listing their biggest villains. for the record, ford picked the soviet red army team and jody mac picked red auerbach and the celtics. they said on WIP that kotite was 20th. I never found him a villain so much as a bumbling idiot. Braman on the other hand… I go:

Thread: Rosenthal Article on Hamels

This quote doesn’t make sense considering the contracts they gave Lee and Howard.

Thread: 2012 MLB Offseason Transactions (The Hot Stove Thread)

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s 300+ page rolling MLB offseason transactions, news, rumors, and discussion thread.]

Thread: 2012 Countdown to Opening Day Thread

Annual tradition.

Thread: 2012 Phillies Minor League Thread

[Editor’s note: PSC’s annual rolling Phillies minor league thread, updated daily in-season with news, info, game notes, and more, including the work of PSC’s own Scott Grauer.]

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