Mar 092012

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Thread: GDT: Phils/Tigers 3/9 1pm…
Thread: GDT: Pirates/Phils 3/8 1pm
Thread: GDT: Astros/Phillies 3/7 1pm
Thread: GDT: Phils/Blue Jays 3/6 1pm
Thread: GDT: Yanks/Phils 3/5 1pm

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Thread: Utley Question

Is he shut down? Just a chronic injury issue or is this something new…

Thread: Opening Day Lineup

still looking at:

rollins ss
vic cf
utley 2b
pence rf
mayberry 1b
nix lf
polanco 3b
chooch c
roy P

any chance its not that? switch nix and polanco or someone other than nix?

Thread: 1b

this was posted by philliesnation.  1> while none of us are doctors/know for real, this guy seems to be going cataldi-level in ‘what if howard isn’t back until after the all star break’ stuff.  2> i thought mayberry at first was what a lot of us were thinking?

Thread: front office’s view on sabermetrics

damn they pretty much just shat on all you nerds, so please take this season off from discussing VORP and WAR.  TIA

Thread: marlins president has harsh words…

what a bag o douche this guy is

Thread: 2012 MLB Offseason Transactions (The Hot Stove Thread)

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Thread: 2012 Countdown to Opening Day Thread

Annual tradition.

Thread: 2012 Phillies Minor League Thread

[Editor’s note: PSC’s annual rolling Phillies minor league thread, updated daily in-season with news, info, game notes, and more, including the work of PSC’s own Scott Grauer.]

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