Nov 072011
Vance Worley Phillies

Can Vance Worley really repeat in 2012 his 2011 performance?

The Jim Thome signing is great but the real MLB Hot Stove hasn’t really even begun to churn yet.  The Phillies may or may not be pursuing free agent Michael Cuddyer, and at any time the words “former Phillie” could be affixed to the name Jimmy Rollins…

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Thread: Phillies pursuing Michael Cuddyer

Jim Salisbury:  According to sources, the Phillies are in serious pursuit of free-agent Michael Cuddyer, who has spent his entire career with the Twins. Cuddyer is a right-handed hitter, who has averaged 22 homers and 82 RBIs the last three seasons. He is also versatile and can play both corner outfield spots as well as first base and third base.

Thread: Phils sign Thome

Per Zo tweet.

Thread: Jimmy Rollins/Ryan Madson Contract Discussion

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Thread: The more I think about the state of the Phillies

The more disgusted I get. They were a very good team last year, winning 102 games, but

Is Victorino going to hit like he did last year? No
Are Stutes and Bastardo going to be as good as they were last year? No
Is Mayberry going to be as effective as he was last year? Probably not, and definitely not if they make him a starter
Is Worley going to be as good as he was last year? No

Is there anyone on the current team that is going to improve from last year? Not that I see.  So now you have a team that has problems at first, short, third, LF, and closer. And they have a TON of money already committed, some of it to guys that are declining (cornerstone players Utley and the injured Howard). Major, major problems.  I know the offseason just started and moves will be made, it will be very interesting to see what Amaro can do – but this is a really tough fix and I can’t think of anyone I’d want less than Amaro overseeing it.

Thread: Haha at the Mets

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