Nov 202011
New Phillies utility-man Ty Wiggington

New Phillies utility-man Ty Wiggington

The Hot Stove continues to burn as MLB free agency chugs along.  The Phillies have already made a big splash, signing closer Jonathan Papelbon to the largest contract ever for a reliever. 

On the offensive side, the splashes have not quite been so big.  First was the Jim Thome signing, while a good thing for nostalgia’s sake, no one thinks the 41 year-old will be more than a bat off the bench.  The offense still needs help.  

While we still wait for them to bring in another legit bat, the Phils have further addressed the bench. 

On Sunday the Phillies acquired Ty Wiggington from the Colorado Rockies.  The deal is for a player to be named later, and the Rockies will pay $2 million of Wigginton’s $4 million 2012 salary.  Not exactly a blockbuster, but not a bad deal either.

Wiggington, despite being 34, is a nice addition.  He’s a versatile bench player with some pop.  Wiggington’s was a name that always seemed to come up in past Phillies trade discussions with one reason likely being his performance at Citizens Bank Park as a visitor — in 61 at bats Wiggington has hit .296 with a .367 OBP and a .574 SLG for a more than solid OPS of .941 at CBP.

And regardless of the trade, a player like the rumored Michael Cuddyer is still likely in play.  At least, that better be the case.  The Phillies desperately need more firepower, especially with Ryan Howard’s injury issue likely lingering through the first half of the season.

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