Oct 112011
Phillies 2B Chase Utley

Could Chase Utley be the opening day first baseman in 2012?

It’s still pretty much impossible to believe that the Phillies aren’t playing baseball right now.  Damn them.

But just because the Phillies choked away their shot at greatness, it doesn’t mean the discussion has ended on the PSC Phillies message board.  Here are some recent/active threads, along with the first post of each.

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Thread: Chase at 1b? So Says The Fatman

Interesting:  “Don’t make the automatic assumption John Mayberry will surface as the pro-tem first baseman. Utley has started 22 games at first during his big-league career. It is probably his best position. The most surprising aspect of his unexpectedly rapid return from patellar tendinitis was his running speed. The guy hadn’t lost a step and remained an outstanding baserunner.  So, if Chase can tweak whatever other unknown conditions have compromised his power, he should be in the first-base conversation.”

Thread: Will Jimmy be back?

‘mr phillie’ back at ss next year?

Thread: Should the Phils spend big $$$ for Madson?

Obviously, we all want him back, but with the others needs to fill and (I presume), budget limitations, the Phils may use the money elsewhere. What will the market be for Madson – 3/30? or am I overvaluing him?  The Phils one strength at AAA, is bullpen arms. I could see them trying out some of them along with Bastardo as the closer in spring training. The 10 mil they would spend on Madson, could be used on a veteran reliever or two who can also close (a Contreras/Park type), as well as some better bench players, as they will have a lot of question marks in the line-up.  If they spend the money on Madson, they will probably go cheap in some of these other areas. However, it would be a big gamble if another quality closer does not emerge and it costs them some big games.

Thread: 2012 MLB Free Agent list – updated as of 10-1-11

MLBTR’s up-to-date list of 2012 MLB free agents is below. These are players who are eligible for free agency after the 2011 season. The player’s 2012 age is in parentheses. Players on the current free agent list or the 2013 free agent list are not on this one. The cutoffs for this list are generally 20 innings pitched or 50 plate appearances in the Majors in 2011.  If you have any corrections or omissions, please contact us. To see who represents these players, check out our agency database.  Updated 10-1-11

Thread: If the Cards win the WS

Does that change your thinking about this season?

Thread: This Was One Of The All Time Worse Collapses In Philadelphia Sports History.

The 64 Phillies collapse.  The darkest day in Eagles history – the NFC title game at home against Tampa Bay.  The Flyers four game sweep at the hands of Detroit in the Stanley Cup Finals.  The Sixers front office dismantling a contending team while it was on it’s regular season, down the stretch run.  You name them, it’s right down there with all of them.  Goats – the core of veterans on this team. These guys have become fat, content, lazy, and very, very rich in their baseball middle ages. No clutch veteran leadership when it was needed the most – none – nada. An eight game losing streak at the end of the regular season carrying into the post season and 0 momentum. Cliff Lee, a Philadelphia sports hero who carried this team into the 09 world series blowing game 2. Ryan Howard with his disappearing bat which has become an annual post season event. Losing a deciding game, 1-0 at home. Inexcusable by not at least scratching home one stinking run to get the thing into extra innings where the home team is always a heavy favorite to win.  Heroes – Doc and the fans. I watched the hope in their faces right up to the final out.

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