Oct 062011
Phillies CF Shane Victorino

Victorino's comic bumbling pretty much sums up Game 4 of the NLDS

On Wednesday night the Phillies lost Game 4 of the NLDS to the Cardinals, sparking outrage, agita, twisted panties and possibly dysentery.  It was a bad night.

Now we have the fifth and final game of the NLDS to look forward to Friday.  The Cardinals will be playing with little pressure as everyone, despite their talent, expected them to lose anyway.  On the other side, the Phillies are staring down the barrel of one of the biggest choke jobs in recent memory.  This was the best team in baseball with a rotation for the ages.  They had the most wins and absolutely the most hype of any team in baseball, all season long.

Now it’s do or die.  Luckily, there’s literally no one better suited in all of baseball to pitch in a game with this much pressure — Roy Halladay.  He will face Cards ace Chris Carpenter, only this time it will be on full rest.  Regardless, the Ginger Terminator will make things right.  He has to.

Until then, it’s no surprise the PSC Phillies board is mirroring the stress, anger, and uncertainty of the entire region.

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Thread: NLDS – GDT Phils at Cards (Game 4) Oswalt vs Jackson

[Editor’s note: this is the 95+ page PSC Game 4 GDT.  Read this and re-live the pain at your own risk]

Thread: We really are getting outplayed this series so far.

The series is tied 2-2 right now, but when you watch the games and compare how their lineup battles, and our lineup gives away outs. Then two of our top 4 starters have really had poor outings, and the Cardinals “weakness” which is their bullpen shut us down.  We are lucky to still be in this series considering the long stretches where this offense has done zero.

Thread: The game was lost last night in the Top of the first

The phillies were having batting practice. Pence was on first. Pence goes on 3-2. Howard DOESNT swing. Pence called out at second. (he was safe btw, but it was too close to bitch about). Strikemout throwem out DP.  If memory serves (Victorio. Who has been sub fucking par and has gotten no shit for it) flied out.  Total bullshit. The team could have put them to bed there.  Oh, and fuck victorino and that play in CF

Thread: Roy Oswalt

Does this start make it official that he has been a major disappointment for us in 2 postseasons?

Thread: Is anyone here really a baseball fan?

Or are you just looking for something to feel good about and jumped on this team because they win? In baseball, if you win 3 out of 5 games your winning percentage is .600, which is really good. So if the Phillies win on Friday they will have played .600 ball against a 90 win team…not all that bad. Did everyone really expect a sweep? I have watched this entire season and these last four games have been pretty much the norm. They live and die with their pitching and I am willing to take my chances with Roy on the hill. Focus on this, the number of wins you have in the post season counts…11-8 still gets the trophy.

Thread: Game 5 GDT – Halladay vs. Carpenter: Do or Die in a Fire

someone needs to collectively slap that team in the face like Don Corleone slapping Johnny Fontaine then telling him he can act like a man. I hope they can perform a headoutofassectomy and play like the best team in baseball. no spotting them to a 3-0 lead. no getting up early and then not only taking your foot off the gas, but putting it in park and throwing the keys down a storm drain. WIN! just win.

Thread: Thoughts on game 5?

just trying to gauge the fanbase’s confidence in this team.

Thread: Infusing this team with youth. 2012 and beyond

Obvious unmovable assets due to NTC Contract Value. Injury Decline. Legnth of contract

P Cliff Lee, P Roy Halladay, 2B Chase Utley, 1B Ryan Howard, 3B Placido Polanco

2012 avg age 33.8. 

The teams most movable position players of value

Brown, Mayberry, Victorino, Pence

Open spots in 2012 — SS. 

The phillies are in a pickle. 75 or so million (likely) tied up in lee hamels (arb extension) halladay. Plus Howard. They’re at 100 million ish. Plus utleys 15. What can this team do to get younger? Any suggestions?

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