Oct 052011
Ben Francisco Phillies Game 3 home run

Ben Francisco celebrates his Game 3 home run with teammates

Here’s a rundown of some recent/active PSC Phillies message board threads.  The Phillies can clinch tonight so anticipation and excitement are ridiculously high.

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NLDS – GDT Phils at Cards (Game 4) Oswalt vs Jackson

[Editor’s note: follow the game and post in the PSC Gameday Thread for Game 4 of the NLDS — 15+ pages and counting before start time.]

NLDS – GDT Phils at Cards (Game 3) Hamels vs Garcia

[Editor’s note: this is the full 125+ page PSC GDT for Game 3.  Read it and re-live the incredible tension] 


Dude just called mikey miss. Convinced the umps huddled up last night after the botched out call and were hiding view of a cellphone.  A cellphone that recieved a text from MLB. Detailing the correct call.  Thoughts? Maybe a sexy idea to implement replays?

Rally Squirrel

Brace yourself – it’s coming.

The Ben Francisco Appreciation Thread

[Editor’s note: the OP of the thread rather creepily posted a pic from BF’s wedding.  As this is PSC not TMZ we’re not re-posting here…]


[Editor’s note: thread started post-Game 2, now updated with Cole  Hamels discussion] Roy and Cliff really have been disapointing. Halladay spotting 3 runs in the first. Lee looking like a 25 million dollar pile of dog shit last night. Disapointing. The offense has done enough to win so far

Chase Utley. Best Player in Baseball

John Dewan thinks that #Phillies 2B Chase Utley is the best player in baseball and he has the numbers to back it up.   

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