Aug 062011
Phillies-Giants fight

Victorino unfortunately never got a punch off in the Phillies-Giants fight

The Phillies whipped the San Francisco Giants 9-2 last night, with the highlight being a sixth-inning brawlPhillies centerfielder Shane Victorino was drilled in the back by Ramon Ramirez, prompting the benches to clear after Vic started towards the mound.

Like pretty much all baseball fights, it was lame, but it did feature Giants catcher Eli Whiteside bouncing around like an idiotic Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, the orange and black of the Giants uniform uncannily appropriate.  Even worse than the hopping around, the guy attempted to sneak-tackle Placido Polanco but ended up looking like a crying four year-old grabbing her mommy’s leg when getting dropped off on the first day of daycare.  It was pretty pathetic.  A tackle attempt to a guy’s knees and he couldn’t even knock Polanco down.  Asante Samuel was laughing at Whiteside.  And so should everyone else, really.

Anyway, thought it was amusing to read the reactions in the eventual 73-page PSC Gameday Thread as the fight played out (it starts on page 48).  I took the liberty of using the SFW versions courtesy of PSC’s user-controlled optional swear filter.  Prepare to see more stars than on a clear night in the desert — PSC members could make Quentin Tarantino wince:

**** yeah!


This is stupid

****, don’t get hurt.

****ing *******!


Whiteside should be ejected. He flat out tackled Polanco for no reason.

shane is pissed

god I love it. I LOVE IT

lol at the giants. Getting pushed around in their own park.

So how many games is Vic suspended?

****in Ramirez threw at him

oh my god! 

And to think I almost went to bed at the top of the 4th

**** the giants,bunch of ****ing *******.

holy ****

what a bunch of whining *******

Thankfully there was nothing done to warrant suspensions.

I think we sweep these guys. They’re skull****ed.

lol @ vance, it looked like it was the best time he ever had.

lol @ getting Hamels & Oswalt after this game Giants. Only two guys that throw 94 mph with pinpoint accuracy.

lol at Cole just cracking up the entire time

props to the umps for not throwing Vic out of the game.

well, cancel that.

Whiteside is the one that escalated it

what the **** is that **** whiteside looking for???? bouncing around like a bitch

Whiteside Van Gundy’d Polanco. Embarrassing for the guy

Howard would destroy anyone on their ***** team.

Pence is probably like “geez, is this what real baseball games are like?

Pence right in the middle, love it.

hunter second man in. love it.

that goddam Whiteside ….

I hope Hamels gives Whiteside a concussion tomorrow. What the **** was he doing?

Aaron Rowand just powerbombed Tim Lincecum. THE BALANCE OF POWER HAS SHIFTED!!! Pat Burrell is spray painting nWo on him.

The Giants are done.

this is FAR from over.

Great stuff, PSC GDTers.  And one final **** you to the Giants from Phillies fans everywhere.

Here’s a link to the video of the fight.

And here’s one last laugh at Tigger Whiteside:

phillies-giants fight 

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