Sep 152010
phillies jimmy rollins

Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins

September 15 Philadelphia Daily News:

Jimmy Rollins says he is day-to-day. But he is also realistic. And, realistically, hamstrings can take a long time to heal. Asked yesterday if he expected to return to the lineup by the end of the regular season, the shortstop was optimistic but noncommittal.

“I hope so,” said Rollins, who has not played since leaving last Wednesday’s win over the Marlins in the third inning with a sore right hamstring. “Studies show, even if it’s a mild hamstring, even though the doctors like to say 7 to 10 days, it’s usually 3 weeks. And that’s at the mildest, before I can go and do what I need to do. But I’m not going to have 3 weeks. Three weeks, that puts us right at the playoffs, so I’m definitely going to try to do my best to come back before that.”

Manager Charlie Manuel said yesterday he thought the switch-hitting Rollins would be available to pinch-hit from the left side. But it sounds like any such appearance likely would occur either in a last-ditch, Kirk Gibson-type situation, or in the early innings of a short outing from a starter when the Phillies do not want to burn a healthy hitter.

“I think I can, at least lefthanded,” said Rollins, who has been limited to 82 games by calf and foot injuries in addition to the hamstring.”

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