Jul 202010

by Justin Adkins

Thanks to SixerLed3 on the PSC Phillies board for compiling this list of Phillies GM Ruben Amaro’s comments from his appearance on Comcast Sportsnet’s Daily News Live today…

“Well right now Andrew is going to be coming in basically as a guy who can pick up some innings in case we have a need for innings over the next several days.”

“As far as the next time in the rotation as Kyle’s spot in the rotation comes up, well we do know who it’s going to be but right now we’re going to hold off.”

“JA had an interesting start his last time out. His first three innings he was probably 89-91, wasn’t quite as sharp as he’s been in the past. But in the next two innings he was up to 92-95 with much more sharpness and really pitched well. So he is definitely someone we would consider.”

Could the pitcher that starts on Saturday not be in the organization right now?
“Well it could be. It’s less likely but it is a possibility.”

Different at the trade deadline this year?
“Yeah the decisions are a little different this year. While I’ve been public about looking for more pitching we also have a problem with our offense right now. We’re not swinging the bats well. Frankly I could get Tom Seaver, Jim Palmer, and Cy Young on our staff right now and it won’t matter if we can’t swing the bats. We’re not giving our pitchers any leeway. So yes, I am trying to improve the club but we are dealing from a position of behind unlike the last couple of years.

Do you have to make a move to make the playoffs?
“I think how we’ve played, yeah we do have to try to make a move if we can. I do think that we’re a better ball club than we’ve played and displayed this year. It would be very helpful for our club at this stage in the game to try and make a move. The biggest move is that these guys have to start playing better baseball.”

“It will be tough. I will tell you now, we won’t make the playoffs if continue to play how we are right now.”

On Ryan Howard:
“He’s been the most consistent player we’ve had. He hasn’t had the same number of guys in front of him on base but he’s still been very productive. He’s making consistent content. Swung the bat well. It’s gonna take much more than Ryan Howard swinging the bat. Jayson Werth is going to have to start swinging the bat better. Victorino. Jimmy Rollins. They are going to have to step up for us to get better.”

On Domonic Brown:
“Well I think it does. It’s a matter of him being ready. He’s only had 60 at-bats at AAA. He’s done well but it’s not the same game. It’s a matter… this guy is clearly a much greater talent than most but he’s still young. Where am I gonna put him in this lineup? We gotta get Ibáñez, Victorino and Werth to swing the bats. Maybe we do make a move but right now we gotta get this guys back on track.

Are you comfortable bringing Brown up right now?
“I am not comfortable with it right now. No. If I was comfortable with it, I would have done it already. He is not coming to the big leagues right now.”

Are you not comfortable bringing him up this season?
“I never said that. At some point he may very well be there. 1. I don’t think it’s the time for him to come and 2. I don’t think he’s ready to come. ”

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