Oct 092010
Former Phillies GM Pat Gillick

Former Phillies GM Pat Gillick

by Justin Adkins:

We’re hearing whispers that former Phillies general manager (and current adviser to the President and GM) Pat Gillick is interested in returning to the game in his former capacity.

The rumor is that Gillick wants to be a general manager again, and that he wants to work for a West coast team.  

Gillick’s former employer, the Seattle Mariners, are said to be having internal discussions at the upper managment level regarding making a play to bring Gillick back.  Apparently the team’s power structure isn’t too happy with current general manager Jack Zduriencik, primarily due to the fallout over the Cliff Lee trade, from which the Mariners acquired troubled reliever Josh Lueke.  In 2009, Lueke pled no contest to a charge of false imprisonment with violence. 

After the trade, Zduriencik was accused of being sloppy in his investigation into Lueke’s past and of lying about what Zduriencik knew about Lueke before trading for the AAA prospect.

If the Mariners feel they need to move on, Gillick could be the perfect replacement.

Another rumored option could be Los Angeles, where the Dodgers are still dealing with the mess of the McCourt’s divorce. 

Changes are likely coming for an underachieving team that failed to make the playoffs in 2010.  Who better than the man that was instrumental in the construction of  the team that beat the Dodgers in the NLCS the past two years in a row?

Current Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. has received plenty of praise for maintaining a winning ballclub after taking over for Gillick.  As the full time GM, Amaro has made outstanding deals to acquire aces Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt;  however, there are those who will claim that Gillick’s fingerprints still cover the team.

If Gillick gets a new job, Amaro will finally be able to stand on his own.

Only time will tell how that would affect the future fortunes of the Philadelphia Phillies.

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