Jul 082010

by Justin Adkins

Per Buster Olney’s Twitter feed, The Phillies are actively looking to trade outfielder Jayson Werth, supposedly looking for trade partners interested in acquiring the pending free agent.

There is no mention of what the Phillies are looking for in return.

The team would most likely use Werth in an effort to obtain more pitching, given Ruben Amaro’s stance that upgrading that position takes precedence over the offense.

Werth had a monster 2009, hitting .268 with 36 homers, 99 RBI’s and an OPS of .879.  So far in 2010, he’s at .279, 13, 48, .883.

Those numbers make him a target of pretty much any team looking for offense, though with only this year remaining on his contract, teams will be wary to part with premium prospects absent a contract extension.

Trading Werth would open the door for Phillies super-prospect Domonic Brown to finally be promoted to the big leagues.

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