Dec 232011
Mets third baseman David Wright

We feel bad even commenting on this likely BS David Wright to the Phillies rumor (photo: WKnight94)

Please take this with a Santa’s toy bag size grain of salt…

The guys over at The Philly Phans are reporting that the Phillies and Mets are close to completing a trade that would soon have third baseman David Wright playing in Philadelphia.

They cite a source they claim has given them good info in the past, but still, the likelihood of this being even remotely true is very, very low.  That said, this isn’t the first time a David Wright-to-the-Phillies rumor was discussed, as back in October Jayson Stark told 97.5’s Mike Missanelli that the Phillies have “talked” about [trading for] and “love” David Wright.

If a deal is going to happen it would have to involve the Mets sending Wright to the Phillies in exchange for outfielder Domonic Brown, right handed starting pitcher Vance Worley, and maybe a couple more top-level prospects.  It’s a deal that each and every Phillies fan should hope actually happens.  Brown is a former super-prospect who has looked way over-matched at the big league level and Worley had an incredible rookie season last year that he is unlikely to ever repeat.  He’s far more likely to be the next JA Happ than the next Roy Halladay.

And prospects are just that, prospects, so that doesn’t even matter when discussing adding a premier player at a premier position who is just hitting his prime.

But none of that really matters as this is almost guaranteed to be 100% BS.  It’s probably not even something we should be commenting on, but them putting this out there and having it be garbage would be pretty damning and would destroy any credibility they may have, so hopefully these guys know what they’re doing.

Plus, it’s almost Christmas, and it’s always fun to wish for a miracle.

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