Jul 292010

by Justin Adkins

It looks like it may be a done deal, though it’s not been confirmed or announced yet. 

Roy Oswalt is a Philadelphia Phillie.

The rumored deal is Roy Oswalt to the Phillies, with the Astros getting lefty JA Happ, reliever Vance Worley, and light hitting speedy Single-A outfielder Anthony Gose.  In addition, the Astros will pick up $11 million of Oswalt’s salary commitment.

In other news, Ed Wade continues to worship at the shrine of Juan Pierre.

If this deal is accurate, it’s a great one for the Phils.  Happ is a decent talent with more upside, but Oswalt is a legit number 1 starter who instantly takes the Phillies rotation to a World Series winning level.

Oswalt’s not Cliff Lee, and that ill-conceived deal still stings, but Oswalt can be a nice soothing cream.

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