Aug 082011
Phillies-Giants fight

Victorino unfortunately never got a punch off in the Phillies-Giants fight

On Friday night, when Shane Victorino took a few steps towards the alleged illegal alien (per Tony Bruno) pitcher from the San Francisco Giants, it started a hugely lame baseball fight.  The only real highlight being the comedy show of Giants catches Eli “Tigger” Whiteside hopping around like a fool and then failing miserably to tackle Placido Polanco despite cowardly shooting at an unsuspecting Polanco’s knees.

Vic would have probably been off the hook if he hadn’t done anything else, but unfortuatenly he didn’t stop after those first couple steps.  Shane attempted multiple times to dash into the pile, at one point shoving an umpire aside repeatedly and another time dragging Phillies manager Charlie Manuel into the scrum.

And likely thanks to his desire to rightfully beat the ass of any Giants players in his way, Major League Baseball has announced that Victorino has been suspended three games and will be fined an undisclosed amount.

“Victorino’s aggressive actions prolonged the bench-clearing incident between the Clubs,” per the announcement from MLB and the commissioner’s office.

But the real kicker is that no one else got suspended.  Not the hopping, cheap-shotting, Asante Sameul-style tackling Giants catcher, not Giants pitcher Ramon Ramirez who very obviously intentionally threw at Victorino, nobody.  The aforementioned two Giants were at least fined, but it’s completely ridiculous that Vic should bear the brunt of the league’s discipline considering those other guys’ actions.

Victorino’s only recourse is to appeal and he will, with the commissioner’s office probably reducing the timeframe to two games.

 The Phillies are set to open a three-game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers Monday night.  Hopefully Vic will be back in time to contribute to a sweep.  John Mayberry Jr. will likely play centerfield in Victorino’s absence.

And thanks to Major League Baseball’s random video embedding policy, here are highlights from Friday night’s dog and pony show:

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