Oct 102012

Philadelphia Phillies logoThe Phillies’ top targets are BJ Upton and both Mike Adams and Ryan Madson in the pen free agent wise. Madson would be a heavy incentive deal with lower base and the heat between him and Amaro has supposedly been cooled down. The infatuation with Cody Ross is still there but Boston really would like to retain him. They also have some interest in Jason Giambi for the Thome role but he is weighing retirement to possibly be the Rockies manager.

They like really Upton’s skill set for center and believe getting out of the pitchers park down there and into the NL he will realize his potential. Their new hitting coach was Upton’s hitting coach for his best years in Tampa and they think he can bring the best out if they manage to sign BJ.

They are looking at the Diamondbacks for a trade as the interest in Justin Upton and one of the Snakes 3rd base guys is pretty real. Snakes have Chris Johnson, Ryan Wheeler, and Matt Davidson (with Josh Bell in the minors) so they have a few 3rdbase guys lying around. They have less interest in Chris Young because he looks more like John Mayberry Jr at $7 mil/year more.

Still also have interest in Headley but the Padres haven’t said he is 100% available yet and the Phils are unsure they want to pay the price it will take. More likely to be seen is a deal for Cuddyer with the Rockies. Charlie still likes Cuddyer and they think they can get him kind of on the cheap side with the Rockies eating some of the $23 mil/2 years left on the contract.

Boston has some interest in Laynce Nix and Nate Schieholtz. Possible returns could be Melacon and Aceves (not as likely) as Boston has soured on both pitchers though there would be a minor league arm probably going with the outfielder to Boston.

Schwimer, Bastardo, Valle, May, and Gillies are all available for trades but they want good returns for any of their minor leaguers with the system “lacking top talent at the top”.

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Barry Jeffrey Jr. writes “The Crow’s Nest” column for PSC.