Mar 292011

By Justin Adkins:

That new Sport Illustrated Phillies cover?  Yeah, it’s awesome. 

Sports Illustrated Phillies cover

The newly acquired Cliff Lee sits front and center, highlighting the assemblage of aces (and Joey B) that will be forced to carry a heavy load this season. 

Some have been arguing that the the best pitcher in baseball — Roy Halladay, of course — should be at the point, but it’s a non-issue.  Lee was the talk of the offseason and it makes sense to put him up front. 

The best part is that none of those guys are the types who give any level of crap who takes the lead.  Actually, they’re the type that wouldn’t have even taken the picture if Blanton wasn’t included, and that really sums up just how lucky we are to have them.

The clock it ticking, and Friday can’t get here soon enough.

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