Mar 222010

by Kevin Franklin

Ah, Spring!

The Siberian snowfalls of February have given way to the relatively idyllic balm of March. It’s a grand time of year; The Phillies are preparing for a new season with a bona fide ace, Roy Halladay, up their sleeve, the Eagles are lopping off players like diseased limbs and preparing for the draft, the Flyers are doing their impression of a drunk walking a straight line towards a possible playoff visit and the Sixers are as irrelevant, as usual.

It is a new decade, if only by the cosmetic difference of the third digit changing from 0 to 1 and the Philadelphia sports internet landscape is undergoing a sea change, an enema, if you will. Welcome to, a haven for those who love discussing the goings on of sports in this great town and a refuge for those disenchanted by the administration of lesser sports forums.

The PSC community is made up of mostly the latter of the above who were initially in the former camp. Many of us share common views on many things inside and outside of the sports world, but we welcome new members who may or may not share those views – it’s one of those marvelous things that makes an online community unique. There is intelligent sports talk, good-natured ball busting and plenty of laughs for those who do not take themselves too seriously. But there’s more! As a full service domain, we have forums for music, movies, TV, politics, religion, gaming, food, and just about anything else you can imagine. As a member of this board, the range of topics is open to whatever you wish to discuss.

We’re not going to tell you what you can and cannot talk about. We’re not going to be the arbiters of what is acceptable to discuss and what is not. A good board serves the functions of its members, and like a good umpire or referee, the moderators and administrators are most effective when they do not micro-manage the entire thing.

As with any new internet endeavor, there will be bugs to work out, past injustices at other sites to be dealt with and a comfort level to be gained with navigating a new board. Unlike other new boards, however, this one has a built-in roster of crazies so promulgation and propagation is already well underway for this site. But, don’t leave all the heavy lifting to us. If you like what you see, tell others – especially those at other sports forums – whether they live in Philadelphia, Japan or Sweden. We are a full-service sports forum and we welcome you to Spring and with it, a chance to grow with us. We are

It’s a season of change.