Sep 252010
Philles RF Jayson Werth

Philles RF Jayson Werth

September 25 Philadelphia Daily News columnist David Murphy:

“Conventional wisdom holds that the only way Jayson Werth will take the field at Citizens Bank Park next season is in the uniform of the Red Sox or the White Sox or any of a number of teams that could be in the market for an outfielder who has more tools than The Home Depot.

Take one look at the Phillies‘ payroll for next season (at least $135 million committed to 16 players) and another look at the contract their rightfielder could be in line to receive (at least $16 million per season if Jason Bay’s signed with the Mets is any indication), and it is easy to conclude that the only player with less of a shot at returning to Philadelphia is J.D. Drew.

But easy conclusions aren’t always correct. And while Werth is well aware of the perception that his play over the past few years has put him outside of the Phillies‘ price range, he also thinks there is another way to look at the situation.

“It seems to be like it would be good business going forward to continue the formula that management has started and continued over the past few years,” Werth said in an interview with the Daily News before last night’s 3-2 win over against the Mets. “We’ve got a chance to do something here that not too many places have done.”

That formula has seen the Phillies‘ payroll rise from about $94.6 million in 2006, the year before Werth’s arrival, to around $140 million at the start of this season, an increase of nearly 48 percent. That’s a lot of money going out. But it has been accompanied by a surge in attendance, from about 2.702 million in 2006 to a projected total of roughly 3.646 million this season, an increase of nearly 35 percent. And that’s before you factor in the 17 home playoff games the Phillies hosted during that span, a number that seems sure to grow by at least two this year.”

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