Apr 122011
Jayson Werth

Werth will be booed. A lot.

By Justin Adkins:

Jayson Werth ran the gamut when it came to his status while with the Phillies — failed first round prospect trying to overcome injury and restart his career to solid contributor to bearded icon for the World Bleeping Champions to dad/kid swearing-at asswipe to way overpaid free agent.

And now as he prepares to take on his former team Tuesday night, the man also known for sleeping on the basepaths sounds like he’s in for a rude awakening.

“I’m confident that they won’t forget what I did or what we did the last few years,” Werth said Monday regarding Phillies fans.

Good luck with that.

As Phillies fans invade Washington, some may cheer, but most will boo, and nothing Werth says now is going to change that.

What people are going to remember most is his free agent defection (understandable of course as no one in their right mind should turn down that kind of money, but still) and his alleged “I hate the Phillies” comment in spring training.

The boos are going to rain down like someone hired the namesakes of Washington’s football team to dance all over the ballpark.

Not even Dumb and Dumber here will be able to prevent it:

dumbass nationals fans

Unfortunately these two dumbasses took down their Youtube video where they cry big fat tears about how horrible Phillies fans are.  Oh yeah, fat and ugly too. 

Apparently irony is lost on this guy:

ugly nationals fans


Good call there, Nat fan. 

Speaking of the small handful of Nats fans, if Werth keeps producing at his current rate (.200 average, one homer accounting for his one RBI), it won’t just be the Phillies fans booing him in DC.

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