Dec 262010
Phillies Cliff Lee

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro introduces Cliff Lee

December 26 Philadelphia Inquirer:

“The pack gathered around Scott Boras in a back hallway at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel as the end of the winter meetings neared, because there are few major-league cities not interested in what the superagent has to say.

Boras fielded questions of reporters hailing from Cleveland, Denver, Milwaukee, Boston . . . just to name a few. Philadelphia was included. Boras had secured a massive deal for Jayson Werth and remarked how the Phillies‘ offer was significantly smaller.

“They’re really one of the Goliaths in the industry,” Boras said. “They can do what they want to do, what they choose to do, economically because they’re that successful.”

That comment later prompted some snickers from Phillies officials. Yes, the Phillies had baseball’s third-highest payroll in 2010 and never has the franchise been healthier. But there are limits – assured more than once by David Montgomery and Ruben Amaro Jr. – a refrain rarely repeated by the Yankees and Red Sox, the two true Goliaths.

Well, Boras had it right all along.

Everything changed when the Phillies‘ payroll was stretched even further to sign Cliff Lee less than a week after Boras’ comments. Not only have the Phillies assembled one of the greatest rotations (on paper) of all time, but the franchise has taken its biggest step yet in this baseball revolution the city of Philadelphia has never seen nor ever dreamed possible.”

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