Jan 182011
PSC now official message board of Crossing Broad

PSC now official message board of Crossing Broad

Philly Sports Central is now the official message board partner of the fantastic Philly sports blog CrossingBroad.com.

What this means is that all articles posted at Crossing Broad will now show up as threads here at PSC. It also means that PSC will be linked to from the Crossing Broad homepage, with the PSC link also being dropped in CB posts when appropriate.

This is a mutual partnership, and the guys at CB may start up their own board one day, but until then they’re our best friends.

And while we are now partnered with another blog, PSC’s own blog will continue to develop as well, hopefully as we add additional writers with more talent than me who will commit to providing quality, relevant content on a consistent basis.

So please make sure you stop by CrossingBroad.com every day, read all their stuff, then come back here and talk about how great it is in the various threads. CB articles will be posted to the appropriate team forum and will not show up in a separate subforum.

This is an exciting opportunity for PSC to gain better visibility and grow thanks to the respected Crossing Broad name, so I hope we do them proud. It will also be great if we can bring in some new quality posters to compliment the phenomenal base we already have.

Please help spread the word! The internet is big, so shout loudly…

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