Apr 272011
Sixers vs Heat: Game 5

Sixers vs Heat: Game 5

By Justin Adkins:

The Sixers were eliminated from the playoffs tonight, losing to the Heat  97-91 in Miami. 

And while losing is never acceptable, the fact that the Sixers gave the classless Heat somewhat of a series — when making the playoffs alone was a miracle — is a great sign.  The Sixers were outmatched in almost every facet but they played tough and made almost every game competitive.

Doug Collins earned the right to be in the Coach of the Year dicussion, and if the team can continue to grow, next year will be a lot of fun.  And if they could somehow find a way to get a legit big man, next year could be very, very interesting.

Well, that and if Evan Turner can forget his rookie growing pains and blossom into the player he was supposed to be as the number two overall pick.  And with Turner’s history of starting slow and then becoming great as a younger player, it’s not too much to expect to see him turn it on next year.

Lastly, eff Dwyane Wade and his classless dunk at the end there, and if anyone wasn’t sure what kind of scumbag LeBron really is, this about sums it up:

 It’s hard to say, but go Celtics.

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