Feb 142012
Sixers beat Bobcats 98-89, 02.13.12

photo via sixers.com

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Thread: GDT Sixers in Charlotte- 2/13

[Editor’s note: check out the PSC Sixers-Bobcats gameday thread to get play-by-play recap and reaction to Monday night’s win.]

Thread: Sixers obtain court from Wilt’s 100-point game

The Sixers recently purchased the court where Wilt chamberlain scored his NBA-record 100 points and will be giving out pieces of the hardwood to fans at their March 2 home game to commemorate the feat’s 50th anniversary.

Thread: Programming Note for the Friday Game against the Mavericks

ESPN has added the Mavs at Sixers game to their schedule for Friday, 2/17 which means no CSN on that night.  The Hornets at Knicks was the game originally scheduled for Friday at 8pm but the Sixers early season success had caused ESPN to some flexing.

Thread: With the emergence of Jeremy Lin

the Sixers will be battling for second in the Atlantic, unfortunately. It was fun while it lasted, though.

Thread: Lol Jason Whitlock

Regarding Lin last night: @WhitlockJason: Some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple inches of pain tonight.  Lols

Thread: Sixers Standings/Playoff watch 2011/2012

with the shortened season, it’s never too early to keep an eye out.  reminder that division winners are guaranteed at least a 1-4 seed.

Thread: NBA Power Rankings (2011-12) rolling thread

[Editor’s note:  check out PSC’s rolling NBA Power Rankings thread, including discussion on where the Sixers rank.]

Thread: Around the league (non-76ers) games/updates/news thread

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s rolling NBA general discussion thread.]

Thread: NBA Rumors thread

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s rolling NBA trade, free agent, and general rumors discussion thread.]

Thread: Villanova basketball thread

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s rolling Villanova basketball discussion thread.]

Thread: Temple basketball thread

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s rolling Temple basketball discussion thread.]

Thread: College Basketball Thread

[Editor’s note: check out PSC’s rolling college basketball general discussion thread.]

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