Nov 222011
Sixers mascot Hip Hop

RIP Hip Hop

Not much going on with the Sixers right now.  The lockout continues to rage with no end in sight. 

That said, there’s one bright spot in all this.  If and when the Sixers come back, it will be without that obnoxious rabbit Hip Hop.  RIP and good riddance to the worst mascot in sports.

Thread: Well some good news about the Sixers

That annoying rabbit is gone.

Thread: NBA lockout news thread.

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Thread: 11-20-11 GDT Sixers vs Heat
Canceled.  Is anyone actually missing the NBA?
Thread: Villanova basketball thread

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Thread: College Basketball Thread

I figured it’d be worth it to have a thread for college basketball compared to a nova thread. NBA in lockout obviously so possibly more emphasis on college b-ball this year. Mods can merge if they want as long as they take this threads name.

Pre-season USA today coaches poll came out today. No philly team currently ranked
Top 5
North Carolina(30 votes)
Kentucky (1 vote)
Ohio State

temple and nova both got voted, temple being 29th overall and nova being 34th.

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