Dec 272011
Sixers guard Lou Williams

Sixers guard Lou Williams scores against the Blazers

The Sixers season is finally underway, and it’s not exactly a cakewalk off the bat.  They open with five straight on the road, which will serve as a very early test for Doug Collins’ group.

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Thread: GDT 12/26 Sixers at Portland- season opener

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Thread: NBA Rumors thread

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Thread: Doug Collins interview

Talks sixers basketball for 14 minutes before the season opener on WIP

Thread: Is basketball still considered a major sport?

I mean with teams from Newark and Oklahoma City they’re like some kind of hybrid minor league that no one cares about.

Thread: NBA superstars- the original

greatest sports video ever.  really wish i could find better quality vids.  pretty sure this is the correct order the vid was in, too

Thread: Fantasy Basketball League – 2011

Now that it appears the entire season won’t have to be a fantasy I have opened up the Yahoo fantasy B-ball league that I used to run over on PP. Might as well bring everything over here from there, except Belmont, right?

The league name is SixersPhans 2011. It is league number 41773. League password to join is Erving. Here is the link to sign up or just go to fantasy B-ball on Yahoo and select joining a custom league. Either way you will need the league number and password:

Thread: Villanova basketball thread

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Thread: Temple basketball thread

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Thread: College Basketball Thread

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