Oct 102011

Sixers logoNot much going on with the Sixers right now.  With the NBA currently locked out the regular season is looking closer to cancellation each day.  Hopefully the two sides can work things out, though it’s hard to blame the owners for drawing such a hard line against such an incredibly broken system.

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Thread: NBA lockout news thread.

NBA to cancel games if no deal Monday

Thread: Let’s rank the NBA players

 There’s nothing better to do on this board. We’re including this years draft picks. Start with the top 10.

Thread: Evan Turner Continues His Lockout College Tour

This comes from reader Ian, who snapped a pic of Beaker at the seemingly contradictorily named White Girl Wednesdays at the Draught House on Temple’s Campus last night. Somewhere, Jeff Carter and Mike Richards have gone into jealous rages. That’s our scene! [Related: ET at Ohio State party]

Thread: Villanova basketball thread

good news coming from the basketball program each day. Villanova 2011 recruit Tyrone Johnson who recently chose us over Georgetown led team final in AAU at the peach jam tournament to a win over one of the best teams in AAU playaz. Johnson without top prospect of 2011 Mike Gilchrist scored 40 points. Also recent Nova graduate Scottie Reynolds scored 16 points had 3 assists, 2 rebounds and a steal in the Phoenix Suns 2nd summer league game after he sat out the first game with an achilles injury. Go Cats

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