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Brand organizes workouts with Sixers teammates

August 20 CSN Philly 

Lockout or not, Elton Brand is set to play basketball with his Philadelphia 76ers teammates.  Brand helped organize a team workout scheduled for next week in Los Angeles and most of the key Sixers have told him they will attend. Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner, Lou Williams and others will fly in, share a hotel, play and work out together and do what they can to get ready for the season.  Whenever that starts, no one is quite sure.  “I can’t wait to see where the guys are at,” Brand said.

If lockout ends, Sixers open preseason Oct. 10

August 19 CSN Philly 

If the lockout is resolved by then, the Sixers will open their preseason Monday, Oct. 10, against the Boston Celtics at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, R.I.  They host the Knicks the following night at the Wells Fargo Center, the first of their two home preseason games. The second is against the Wizards on Oct. 17.  The Sixers play the Celtics and Nets twice and finish the preseason against Cleveland in Columbus.

David Stern: NBA to look at contraction

August 15 

The NBA currently has thirty teams, but the league’s commissioner, David Stern, seems open to the possibility that that number of franchises could shrink in the future.  Speaking on an podcast, Stern stated that there is some interest in contraction from both the league and players sides and that the subject will be picked up after the current Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations are completed.

Sixty players attend regional meeting

August 17 

The consensus coming out of an NBA players regional meeting attended by nearly 60 players Tuesday was that the current offer from the owners is unacceptable, especially the call for a hard salary cap.  One player in attendance, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love, said while the current proposal needs work, the onus is on the players to be proactive in the labor negotiations in order to save the season.  “We all know we’ll have to sacrifice but something has to be done,” Love told Tuesday night.

Next bargaining session coming early September?

August 17

It took 46 days for the NBA and its players’ union after the lockout began July 1. It didn’t go all that well. Rhetoric from both sides ramped up, lawsuits started flying around and most importantly, there wasn’t any movement towards the middle. Then David Stern accused the union of cancelling a meeting last week with the union responding that Billy Hunter had been told Stern wasn’t going to be available for two weeks.  So as you can tell, this is all going just super.  But they’re finally going to try again sometime in early September, according to Newsday.

League and players meeting next week?

August 18 Yahoo! Sports 

The word has been that NBA execs and the league’s players weren’t going to meet again till September rolls around, giving off an image that nobody is feeling any kind of rush to end the lockout.  Now word comes from that “top union officials were authorized Wednesday to contact deputy commissioner Adam Silver in the hopes of scheduling a bargaining session in New York before the end of the month.”

Report: Chinese league bans locked out players

August 19 

On Thursday morning, Eastern time, Chinese outlets started reporting that Kobe Bryant had signed a deal with the Shanxi Zhongyu of the CBA. The move would send ripples throughout the basketball world as the most iconic NBA player would be playing overseas in a lucrative market. Finally, a big star beyond Deron Williams has agreed to play overseas.  Or… not.

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